Front Porch Pub is located in the heart of Midtown and is a place where neighbors become friends! Front Porch’s close proximity to Downtown allows the pub to consistently have a great Happy Hour group with many locals, as well as an international crowd. The atmosphere is casual and fun with a “come as you are” dress code.

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Throw a happy hour party, birthday party, or just a gathering of friends to watch the game on one of our many HD flat screen TVs.

If the weather is cooperating and you want to get a little sunshine or checkout the Houston skyline you can reserve a table on our 1200 square foot patio.

Please email us with any other questions you may have or to book your party.

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The Story

After working in the industry for several years, Josh Harris began pursuing his idea to open a pub around the spring of 1998 with little more than a credit card, a little borrowed money from a sweet Grandmother and a prayer. Despite a few failed attempts at acquiring the perfect location, the Front Porch Pub opened its door in December of 2000. Josh was the ripe old age of twenty five when the Pub first opened its doors, full of vigor and self confidence; some might just call it young and dumb, but he didn’t believe life could get any better.

People always ask how the Front Porch Pub came to be. Harris usually answers that question as follows, “The name came from my southern roots of growing up in Mississippi. Front Porches in the Deep South are where friends and neighbors meet to tell a few stories, enjoy a few beers and depending on who’s cooking… eat some good food. Elsewhere in the world the stories that were shared on those porches would have been referred to as lies. There’s a saying back home, “Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story.”

Looking for adventure Josh moved to Houston and landed a job bartending at the best Irish Pub in town, Mcgonigel’s Mucky Duck. That is where he was introduced to great hand crafted beer from all over the globe which he quickly became a fan of. As a young man living in the big city he would go out on the town quite a bit trying to meet people and make some friends, but the night club scene wasn’t for him. “I’ve always been more of a beer and burger guy,” he confesses. “I’m fond of the local ice houses. I like the outdoor atmosphere… it reminds me of the good times I had back home in Mississippi”.

One thing Harris noted was that the typical Texas ice house normally didn’t carry the hand crafted beers he’d come to love. While developing the concept for The Front Porch Pub he simply combined three elements which had lent themselves to the times in which he made the most friends and had the most fun; the indoor/outdoor feel of the local ice houses, great handcrafted beer from all over the world, and the comfort of the kicking back on a front porch. Thus came the Front Porch Pub.

Now a decade later both the Front Porch and Josh have grown significantly. The Porch is known throughout for great beer, great pizza and big stories. Josh is now a father, quite a bit older, and depending on who you ask, a little wiser. If you get a little time swing by the Front Porch Pub and make up your own story, if nothing else you’ll get to hear a few.

God Bless Texas!